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We proudly announce the launch of SAIG (Southeast Asia Automotive Interest Group), the international network and knowledge transfer platform built within the UNITED project!

Register for the network and be part of it! 

SAIG Mission

To coordinate and promote discussions and research among members of the automotive ecosystem especially, but not exclusively, within the Southeast Asian region.

SAIG Vision

To become the primary collaboration platform for the regional automotive community, including the educational and industrial sector, in Southeast Asia.

Our Objectives

  1. To provide a common networking platform for the different stakeholders within the automotive ecosystem in the Southeast Asian region and Europe, with a strong focus on increasing university-business cooperation.
  2. To provide a platform for information exchange and professional development opportunities among the members of the Southeast Asian regional automotive community, leading to increased employability of students.
  3. To promote knowledge sharing and discussions of current developments related to the automotive field, especially towards sustainable mobility.
  4. To produce and disseminate essential information regarding general issues as well as hot topics in the automotive field, serving as a knowledge transfer platform for interested engineers and experts all over the world.
  5. To organize activities related to automotive and mechanical engineering to strengthen cooperation among the Southeast Asian regional automotive community such as research collaborations, professional consultations, academic conferences, trainings and competitions